Kit Kat Finger Tiles

collage finger tiles

Why do we love them so much? “Because they are named after our favourite chocolate.” I hear you say. While that may be the case, here’s why we are loving these so much:

Beautifully crafted – Everybody loves something with a touch of originality. Each piece is imperfectly moulded and then glazed with gradient shading towards the edge of each piece allowing for interest and depth to the installation as a whole.

Japanese inspired – We may be jumping on the bandwagon here, but if we are honest, the Japanese have been mastering the art of Design for centuries with their minimalism and artisanal craftmanship.

Versa-tile – You get to choose which way you want to lay this mosaic. Horizontal, vertical, stacked, staggered, checked – if you can think it, you can do it with these elegant finger-like shapes. You can use it in the smallest of nooks or on any expanse of wall you choose.

Finger Tiles – as Hard as Nails Our Kit Kat mosaics are made from Porcelain and are additionally glazed to stand the test of time.

Our Kit Kat mosaics come in 6 different colours- these include standard colours like white and grey as well as some extraordinary greens that are so on trend and popular in design this year.

Hexagon Mosaics: Big, Small – We Have Them All

The common shape you’ll find in nature, and the one that most astounds mathematicians, is the hexagon. These six-sided shapes are everywhere! Think of beehives, insect eyes, and good old snowflakes and you will realise they are all made up of hexagons.

Pretty simple for sure and coupled with the love that interior designers have for these shapes and how impactful they are visually, we have decided to add even more to our already vast range.

The most popular colours are still your black and white porcelains and the various combinations of these too. Chip sizes range from small to larger and anything in between. This trend has been followed through to glass, recycled glass and combinations of these as  well allowing you the freedom to choose a solution that best suits your needs or design flair.

The latest addition to our hexagon family is our NEW range of large porcelains. These mosaics come in a range of fresh and popular colours to match most modern design palates. Their larger size caters for a more fun and playful feel to the space. Matt or Gloss – you choose!

Applications range from use in swimming pools to bathrooms and kitchens. The concept of feature walls using combinations of colours and creating interesting and playful eye catching areas. Choose from whichever design style you wish to achieve: classic, modern, Art Deco, Scandinavian and more.

The mini hexagonal mosaics also make for an immersive experience of tactile luxury. This mosaic is glorious under foot and feels like velvet to the touch. Due to its small size, it is great for use on curves, especially in swimming pools for a smooth decorative experience.

Check out the full range of hexagonal mosaics on our website here.

Go on! Be our Guest

Taking the Guess work out of a Guest WC

Please be our guest.
Here are three easy steps to use when you are giving out tips on creating a great guest loo…

  1. Wow them with a feature
Because the guest toilet is traditionally long and narrow and doesn’t consist of much more than a toilet, basin, tiles and a light fitting, you need to choose wisely how you want to focus people’s attention. How about a feature mosaic? Pattern mosaic will do well in this small space and not be too overwhelming. The other option often chosen is a freestanding basin and tap combination when you happen to have the space available.

 2. Keep it simple silly

When it comes to a small space and trying to fit the necessary amenities in, it is important not to overload the space with ornaments and other aesthetics. Instead, you should be thinking functional AND beautiful. Go for the decorative soap dispenser, the flashy light fitting and the textile blinds in order to add the interest and intrigue that you wish for the guest toilet.

3. It’s a small space, so splash out.

It doesn’t take many square meters of tiles to impress in a small space like this. You can afford to tiles this space from floor to ceiling. And it doesn’t even be the same tiles you’ve chosen in the main bathrooms. Choose a mosaic tile that is suitable for wall and floor and tile, tile, tile. You can play around with colour grout too…”

Why to tile a small bathroom with Mosaics

Let’s be honest, even if you Google “stylish small bathroom”, you still end up getting results for large and lavish bathrooms designed to show off every curve and line of the fancy fittings in it. Even though Europe has been building bathrooms in a matchbox size, us South Africans are still getting used to tiling and decorating our small bathrooms the right way.

We’re here to tell you why you should consider tiling your small bathroom with mosaics.

One size fits all

Mosaic tiling is a versatile solution for any bathroom surface, from the floor, to the walls, in the nooks of the shower, around curves of the built-in bath and in any other wet areas you may have. Choose the right one and it can be used anywhere in the bathroom.

Dynamite comes in small packages

As mosaics are small, one can create amazing patterns and designs with very little expensive inserts of metals, natural stone and crystals. Using a large tile could potentially limit the use of various materials in your brilliant bathroom.

The illusion of a larger space

Should you choose to use a mosaic in your mini matchbox of a bathroom, mosaics may actually make it seem bigger. A seamless surface that flows from the doorway, into the shower and around other wet areas gives the illusion of a larger surface area. To make it seem even bigger, choose a light-coloured mosaic.

Easy installation

Should you install mosaics, it requires a single phase of labour – no adhesive and grout – just one simple application.

How to choose mosaic for a Back Splash

We live in a world where we have come from having few options when it comes to décor and what’s available, to a selection that’s broader than the smile of a child who has a mouth full of candy.

Where to go, and what to choose quickly become questions that can take hours to answer. Let Global Stone give you some basic Pro’s and Con’s of each material type so that you can weigh up what will work for you.


Pro’s: Glass is generally considered a great option for those who like things to be “clean” – let me explain. Clean in the literal sense of being hygienic thanks to its resistance to absorbing bacteria and other substances, while also generally also being visually clean and generally visually calming. This is of course a generalization as many designs are very exciting and the colour options are virtually endless from a manufacture point of view.

Glass is suitable for so many applications that it’s easy to match your backsplash with whichever other surface you decide to clad with mosaic.
Also, glass as material is quite consistent in terms of quality from one retailer to the next, with subtle, but inconsequential differences only.


Glass is a cold, inflexible material that does need to be regularly wiped to look clean. Colour tone matches with tile can be hard to find.

Tip: when searching for a complementary tile for the mosaic, consider using something that suits the style, but it different as it’s quite hard to match the colours exactly if you are going for a monotone look.

See our range of glass mosaics.


Pros: Wood has great uniqueness, as like a fingerprint, no two are the same. It is full of character, has an ornate sense of warmth and can often be easy to install and well-priced too.

Cons: Using wood for a backsplash generally has “no no” written all over it. However, if there is not going to be a lot of splashing and you are ready for regular maintenance and even replacement, you could possibly consider it.

The good news is that we have also got plenty of wood-look mosaics to choose from.


Pro’s: Metals are generally quite hardy, hygienic and handsome. Metals tend to have a masculine nature that is confident, outspoken and everlasting. The reflective nature of the material illuminates its surroundings, making a space appear larger than it may be.

Cons: You need to know your metals and how to maintain them if you are even thinking about installing it. Most metals are expensive and often quite hard to source, unless you are Global Stone of course. Damage to the area if often quite noticeable and can ruin the entire backsplash.

Natural Stone

Pro’s: It’s natural, and natural means authentic and unique. No other person on earth will have the same design and natural stone has it’s own sense of royalty in the material world.

Cons: Stone is often porous, which makes it a high maintenance feature in the home. As it get’s wet, it will change colour until the water dries, unless it is sealed regularly.


This is the most obvious choice, and for good reason. There are so many variants – shapes, sizes and colours. Porcelain is produced at fairly affordable rates and is both hygienic and suitable for both floor and wall use. All in all a great choice for any splash back.

So now that you have all the knowledge that you wish for, you can go out and choose the one that’s just right for you.

Five Top Decor Styles

Mid-Century Modern
A natural and opposite reaction to America’s post war suburbs, this design has intentions to create wide-open spaces and bring a sense of amalgamation of the outdoors and indoors.
Featured textures include Plywood, Aluminium and moulded plastic.
Bathrooms were typically characterized by Walnut furniture, geometric floor tiles and simple wall tiles.

Achieve the look with these mosaics: Hexagonal white and black; ceramic subway and 10×10 porcelain.

This turn-of the-century design style features the restoration of industrial hardware such as lamps, beams and windows. This design is characterized as rustic, mature and can be somewhat masculine. Featured textures include distressed wood and exposed brick and steel.

Bathrooms from this era were characterized by exposed red brick or screed walls, large metal lamps and even exposed piping.

Achieve the look with these mosaics: Gloss Wave and mini porcelain subway.

Gone are the days of the kitsch nautical style bathrooms. They can be classy with a white or sand colour base featuring splashes of blue. You can still choose to take a DIY approach with many of these items available at low cost from antique shops and even local beaches. Textures include repurposed or worn wood, jute ropes and rugs as well as natural stone textures.

Bathrooms are characterized by large wooden cabinetry, bull’s-eye mirrors and wooden wall panelling.

Complete the nautical bathroom with: Beach wood mosaic and blue glass subways.

Believe it or not, this architectural design movement was created as a spin-off from the Mid-Century style. Bearing many similarities, it also bears simplicity, minimalism and neutral tones. This design movement has at its essence the purpose to combine nature and industrial design. Modern Scandinavian Design is also a plea to return to natural textures as opposed to the smooth device screens we touch on each day.

The feel of Scandinavian Design is a combination of engineered and natural textures.

The Scandinavian bathrooms are characterized by exposed windows, light flooring, furniture with exposed legs and plants.

Global Stone’s mosaics to complement the design: Carrara and Hexagonal Mosaics.

Ever heard the word Avant-garde, but never actually known what it means? Here goes: “favouring or introducing new and experimental ideas and methods”– according to Oxford. Acquire Bohemian style by experimenting with combinations of vibrant colours and rich patterns. Often combining reds and purples, in items that are often tribal, ethnic or nomadic.

Begin with a neutral base and add in accents of colour and Decorative floor or wall designs in order to achieve this look.

Global Stone’s products to complete the look: Como Mosaic and Patchwork Series.

Go Big and Then Go Home

Max on the Benefits of Big

Do you remember when the smallest possible cell phone meant you had the greatest technology? Now, the bigger your phone, the more tech savvy you are.
Even in the world of ceramics and tiling, we’ve gone from macro, to micro and come full circle back to bigger is better. Whatever the trend may be now, we can always agree that big tiles or mosaic fragments certainly have their benefits.
Our new range of porcelain mosaics feature nine large squares of 97 x 97 mm and have a set of benefits that make you realize that bigger can be better:

  • Sleek: A more simplistic and sleek look is created as there are less lines of grout.
  • Shine on Design: A larger surface area gives the design a chance to be the hero of the mosaic instead of the shape of the mosaic itself.
  • Hygienic: Less grout lines means less space for bacteria and mold to grow. It’s always a good idea to try seal mosaics in the shower especially. The hardy porcelain in virtually impervious to substances.
  • Universal design: The colours in our new porcelain range feature your basic essential neutrals that can be universally applied in any bathroom.

View the new range of 10 x 10 cm mosaics.

Six fashionable designs: Matt White, Matt Black, Latte Matt, Ash Matt, Chess and Black Hexagonal with white insert.

Splash out on Pool Mosaics

Glass Mosaics: Perfect for the Pool

Splash out on some pattern-perfect pool mosaics fresh off the decor line. Each small mosaic piece is carefully crafted into a pattern on a pre-set weave that makes application a breeze on large areas.
Thanks to the grout spacing in between the pieces, this mosaic series is a safe choice for any wet areas, especially in and around the swimming pool.

More reasons why Crystal Glass Series is perfect for the pool:

Cleanliness: The mosaics are made using one of the purest forms of glass that highlights each piece’s clarity and character of colour. Glass is a material that is non-porous and easy to clean and keep pristine.

Malleable:  Because the 23 x 23 x 4 mm pieces are just the right size, these glass mosaic sheets are flexible to a point and can be used on curved surfaces like pool sides and columns. 

Versatile: This glass mosaic is certainly not limited to the swimming pool and will make decorative magic of any area, be it a splash back, shower or showcase wall. The range comprises of various shades of blue to choose from.

Diamonds are Forever

Ever heard the expressions – “Diamonds are forever.” and “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? We believe that our new range of diamond shaped mosaics will forever be a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend. It is said that if the diamond shape is your favourite that you are organised and pay attention to detail, but defiantly put a twist on the ordinary.

Here are some features of our new Cullinan mosaic series:

Made from recycled glass: The mosaics are made using recycled glass from various sources. Many clients are looking to create something luxurious, yet achieve a green status feel by using eco-friendly products.

Unique: The iridescent shimmer that the mosaic features is both new and unique to our mosaic collection. The shimmer can only be seen from certain angles, adding interest and a bit of bling to any space. 

Versatile: Apply the Cullinan diamond mosaic onto the wall or floor in any medium to high foot traffic areas.

Can’t bare to see a bathroom naked

We Can’t Bare to See a Bathroom Naked

That’s why we have sourced the best in decorative design for your favourite room in the house – the bathroom of course! Adorn this room with the latest in natural stone, polished glass and even some bling.
So go on – don’t let a single bathroom go bare this winter… 

View our range of metal and glass mosaics here.